Obeying God's Law is the evidence that youlove God. But, do you know God's Law? What law is this that God commands us to keep? Understanding every aspect of Torah is critical to loving God. You probably need some help. 119 Ministries offers videos and transcripts of their material which is comprehensive and help you get back onto the right path, loving God.

And... remember to test everything.

Website: http://www.119ministries.com


How to love Yeshua (our Bridegroom) and our Father in heaven is the first of the Ten Commandments. Articles written by Mike Bickle of the International House of Prayer provides an exceptional compilation of scriptures and descriptors in his series that opens your heart to loving God with ALL of heart, mind, soul, and strength. Only Mike Bickle can teach this topic at a level worthy of God's attention.

Website: http://mikebickle.org


While Gavin is not alone, he provides an understanding of the mysteries of the Ancient Kingdom of Israel and their importance TODAY.

Some teach that the house of Israel (the northern kingdom) that split away from the southern kingdom, the house of Judah were totally destroyed. Some teach that they survived but are so scattered and inter-married that God could never find them today, mixed and inter-married with the nations. But, that simply is not so.

Website: http://endtimepilgrim.org


Ancient common knowledge is lost to 21st century Christians. Today, we have mythified all of the enemies of God. We fail to see them as a threat.

The future will require a heavy price for ignorance.

Dr. Michael Heiser's book called, Unseen Realm is a thorough and heavily researched book that provides answers to questions that you have never thought of.

Website: http://drmsh.com


​​Lost to the Christians studying Scripture is the ancient Hebrew language of the Old Testament and those mystical Hebrew customs. For those who think like kings (Proverbs 25:2), an invitation to journey back into time and see for yourself all that has become lost in translation is available to you. Team up with Lew White and discover through the ancient Hebrew text: the secret of the Gospel, the mystery of the lost 10 tribes, the everlasting covenant of love; the Torah, and His real name.

Live Torah Seminars on youtube.com


​Feeding the 21st century believer with the pure Word of God is a task many churches believe that they are doing. But are they?

The Church of the Great God seeks to feed God's flock without polluting the pure Word of God. A briefing of the Second Exodus is available on their website. A BIG surprise is waiting for those who don't know that this upcoming event will outshine the first Exodus and will be remembered FOREVER.

Website: http://www.cgg.org



A Believer's journey in the 21st Century is a road with many obstacles, twists and turns. Finding truth is a challenge for only those with the mindset of a great king.

Life Hope & Truth is a carefully packaged website that provides a simple, straight road to truth for those who want to hear.

God's law and our holy daysare foundational truths overlooked by many Believers, yet they are essential to our relationship with God.

Website: http://lifehopeandtruth.com


Digging deep to uncover the mysteries for those who have the mindset of a king is rewarding beyond measure.

The article by David Johnson called The Twelve Gates of the Holy City is a revelation for a king. Growing into the role of a king and priest in Christ (Yashua) demands growth and maturity. No more milk for babes but rather meaty truth fit for a king.

When we grow in grace and knowledge, we give God so much pleasure.


A new chapter has begun in the world's history. One president and a small team known simply as "Q" are working to remove corruption within their own country and around the world.

This has never been attempted before. Evil has always had the upper hand in our world.

Youtube offers many people who are reporting on Q's posts. Full attention on Q and the transparency they are attempting to share.will prove to be invaluable in the future.