Study as the Berean's proving and testing to ensure that what you choose to embrace is TRUTH. The purpose of this website is to share with you my Bible research and what I have learned from other people who have done extensive and comprehensive research. The greatest things begin at the size of a mustard seed.

Jesus Christ, DIVINE


Son of God, High Priest, Son of man, King of kings and Lord of lords

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So often we put off things and don't care until our world is shaken, like this recent virus pandemic. So often we don't listen until you need to know and then, you are confronted with digging for the truth because mainstream reporting is wrong. How long will we ignore this story, our story resting close on our near horizon and recorded thousands of years ago? Don't delay.


Into the 21st century many have accepted evolution as a viable beginning of life on earth. After the upcoming alien arrival of gods demanding worship, all people will be forced to buy into a different theology. Two will be preached during a time of great distress. Now is the time to fill your storehouse with truth because when they come, they will do everything to keep you from finding it.


The Passion Week


Without the understanding to interpret many will read the Bible without understanding the BIG picture--God's plan for His people and all of mankind. It seems strange but really it isn't. God has enemies who war against Him. These people will remain in the dark. God has people who love Him. They will discover His penmanship and find all of the clues that reveal the BIG picture for mankind. 


This study is on the first fourteen verses of Ezekiel 37. It is a story of the resurrection back into mortality of the ancient Israelites. This will be a fascinating time when 21st century Israel from all twelve tribes will walk among their long lost ancestors. It will be a time when the old and the new live and learn together. History will be rewritten as they reveal their story and truth is no longer covered by lies and deceit.


Times of trouble are on our near horizon. Today is the day to reflect and self-evaluate. The parable of the ten virgins is a disappointing story where 50% of Messianic Jews and Christians are deemed unready. What has caused this travesty? Waste no time to seek an intimate relationship with your Saviour, Jesus Christ and Almighty God. Watching the transformation of mortals into immortality will be an ecstatic event. Being left behind will be a bitter disappointment.


Check out this great videoTime is of the essence. Prophecies have been given to awaken Christians. Will they listen? Times are changing; times are becoming strange. This video was produced by Gavin Finley (www.endtimepilgrim.org) and Janette Andrejowich (https://sharingsharpens.ca). Understanding the parable of the ten virgins provides insight into future events.


The Ten Virgins Part 1. This video is the first of a series studying the ten virgins of Matthew 25. This parable has not yet come to pass; it applies to all Christians today. Times are changing. Silent battles are raging in our own countries behind the scenes and out of sight. The time to act is now. Self-reflect, test the news, try their statements for the times we live in are evil and soon the silent battle will surface. You need to be ready. 


New video: Who will go into the Millennium? This topic is often assumed without paying close attention to detail. This video is the first of a series where different groups of people will be studied. This video is a study on the sheep and the goats of Matthew 25. These are people from the nations of this world at his return who Christ as King of kings and Lord of lords brings to judgement. The righteous sheep will be saved; the goats will be destroyed.


New study: Who will enter into the Millennial reign of Christ? It may seem like a simple question, but once all of the righteous from God's covenant people and of all of the nations of the world are transformed into the spiritual bodies after all of the wicked are destroyed, who is left? Click here to find out.

New study: The Sheep and the Goats is a study on the Joel 2:28 witness of the sons and daughters of ancient Israel into the 21st century. The nations of the world will have surrendered to an alien arrival. They will worship Satan and the Beast fearing there is no alternative, until the captives made slaves in the homes of the people of the nations reveal their God and His saving plan. Click here to read more the study has been extended.

NEW COMPANION STUDY TO GOD'S RIGHTEOUS LEADERSHIP: Click here for the study from the learning video on God's Righteous Leadership.

COMPANION VIDEO TO THE LEADERSHIP OF GOD SHARING SESSION: A learning video was created that consolidates the content of the video sharing session with Gavin Finley on the Leadership of God. Click here to watch this consolidated version.

NEWEST VIDEO SHARING SESSION: The Leadership of God. ​Forgotten into the 21st century is the magnitude of God's leadership. It is a difficult teaching, so God wrote it in multiple stories using multiple images. It is the story of law and grace told through the history of ancient Israel all the way into the 21st century. When Adam and Eve sinned, God's leadership on earth was divided from ONE into TWO: law and grace. God's people, the kingdom of Israel was divided into TWO: the houses of Judah and Israel. These twos will at the return of Christ be married back into ONE. The separation was due to sin and rebellion, but a Saviour paid the price, now we await his return and the rejoining of the two houses and the rejoining of law and grace into a righteous leadership that brings peace and love.This is a joint video with Gavin Finley @ http://www.endtimepilgrim.org

Click here to watch this video.

VIDEO SHARING SESSION: God's Heavenly Court. ​This is a new feature to this site. Video sharing sessions with various believers will be a special study where many topics are discussed and shared. This video sharing session discusses the fall of God's heavenly court and the opportunity for righteous mankind to fill all of the open positions of the fallen angels. Click here to watch the video.

Newest study: The Lesson of Duality is a study that goes beyond a surface reading of ancient Israel, but the greater story revealed in the duality God has written throughout the Bible. Click here to read more.

New study: The Resurrection of the Old into the New is a study that briefly reviews the significance of the exodus and its significance into the 21st century when Christ returns to resurrect the saints and ancient Israel. Click here to read more.

New study: King Nebuchadnezzar, the Dream is a study on the collapse and destruction of the great statue. The statue remains upright until Christ returns who strikes the feet and only then does it fall. Ancient kingdoms that are part of the statue have long since been destroyed, yet the statue in scripture remains upright all the way until Christ returns. How is that? Click here to read more.

New study: ​Live According to the Pattern​ is a study of the behaviour Jesus taught and the apostles reinforced. Though churches into the 21st century teach many different interpretations of scripture, the pattern of behaviour has not changed and how to treat fellow brothers and sisters has not changed. Loving our brothers and sisters is of the highest priority especially during times of persecution when differences won't be tolerated. Click here to read more

New study: Thyatira and Jezebel is a companion study to the Seven Churches of Revelation. The group of people under the umbrella of Thyatira are the national leaders, judges, lawyers, business leaders and financial managers. Each church of Revelation leads one of the seven core functions of God's holy kingdom of royal priests. Click here to read more.

New study: The Seven Churches of Revelation is a comprehensive study that is different from most studies. Understanding prophecy can be tricky. Prayerfully, this study was compiled and it is ready for testing. Click here to read more-the original upload has been expanded.

New study: Being Blameless is a study of Psalm 15 that lists the characteristics of being without blame. This beautiful quality is critical to a Christian's salvation. Conquering sin by upholding the characteristics of blamelessness, will never cause you to fall away from God. This study is core to Christian growth. Click here to read more.​​